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You’re on the lookout for a new PC. You’ve ruled out a laptop because portability isn’t a priority, but you’re not entirely convinced by the bulky proportions of a traditional tower PC. Say hello to the all-in-one PC.

If you’re not familiar with the all-in-on PC, it’s essentially a slimmed-down take on the desktop PC that consolidates all the elements of a traditional desktop computer – monitor, tower, keyboard, mouse, etc. – into a single, stylishly integrated unit. Essentially, all-in-one PCs are designed to offer a more compact, convenient, and elegant desktop experience. If you want the processing power of a desktop PC but you’d rather it come in a more compact, smartly designed package, an all-in-one model might be just what you’re looking for.

As the all-in-one concept grows in popularity, more and more PC manufacturers are focusing their efforts on the development of sleek, space-saving computers that fit the brief. Our collection showcases innovative designs from the likes of HP, Microsoft, and Lenovo as well as the latest iMacs from Apple, which set the standard for powerful all-in-one desktops in Kenya computing long ago.

As you’d expect, our range covers all the bases, from all-in-one gaming PCs equipped with lightning-fast GPUs to touch screen models, like the Acer Aspire Z24, that allow you to navigate your desktop like a smartphone.

Take a tour of the Tdk all-in-one computer store in Nairobi  Kenya. We have an all-in-one desk PC collection to explore this exciting new concept in desktop PC design.

All-in-One Computers

Lenovo V130 All-in-One 19.5″

KSh54,000.00 Ex.VAT
KSh78,000.00 Ex.VAT

All-in-One Computers

HP All in One 24-dp0158

KSh145,000.00 Ex.VAT

All-in-One Computers

HP All in One 27-dp0188qe

KSh172,000.00 Ex.VAT

All-in-One Computers

HP All in One 27-dp0167

KSh155,000.00 Ex.VAT