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Fiber optic adapters are  basically connectors that  connect two optical cables together. Fiber optic adapters are also commonly known as ( Fiber couplers, Fiber Adapter )

The different types of fiber optic connectors available for sale are; FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, and E2000, and is widely used in optical fiber distribution frames (ODFs) Instruments, providing superior, stable, and reliable performance. The Fiber Optic Adapters are designed to have a single fiber connector (simplex), dual fiber connector (duplex), or sometimes four fiber connector (quad) versions.


Fiber Adapters

Protective Fiber Sleeves

KSh40.00 Ex.VAT

Fiber Adapters

Fiber Optic LC Adapters

KSh300.00 Ex.VAT

Fiber Adapters

Fiber optic SC Adapters

KSh200.00 Ex.VAT