Networking Cables Price in Nairobi Kenya

Cat6 Cable Prices in Kenya

Networking Cables Prices in Nairobi Kenya

Cat6 Ethernet- UTP 24AW Cable 305M

Cat 6 UTP 24AW Tough LAN Cable is suitable for backbones and work areas networking,  with wide applications in data, Voice, and IP Surveillance


Application of Networking cables in Kenya

The  Cat 6 Ethernet cables offers a reliable internet speed of 350Mhz up to 50m, and Gigabit Speeds up to 80m  with this kind of speed in office cabling no single time that the user will experience a network downtime or slower network speeds.

Updated cable pricelist  for 2021

 Cat 5e UTP 305 MD-Link5000Order D-Link Cat 5e Online
Aico Cat 5e UTP 305 MAico4800Order Aico Cat 5e online
HST Cat 5e UTP HST HST4,500Order Cat 5e HST Online
Cat 5e Outdoor HST8,500Order  HST 5e Outdoor online
Cat 6a, Cat 6e
D-link Cat 6e UTP Bare copper  D-Link6,300Order D-Link Cat 6e UTP 305 M online
Aico Cat 6e UTP Cable UAico6,200Order  Aico Cat 6e online
AD-Link  Cat 6e AD-Link5,500Order AD-Link Cat 6e online
Ease-Net Cat 6e, Blue / Grey  Ease-Net6,000Order  EaseNet Cat 6e online
EaseNet Full copper 305  m Ease-Net11,500Order Online
EaseNet Full copper  500 mEase-Net16,500Order Online
EaseNet Full copper 305M Outdoor Ease-Net11,500Order EaseNet Outdoor 305M Online
D- Link Cat 6e Full copper indoor D-Link14,500Order D-Link 6a Online
Giganet Cat 6e UTP Giganet13,500Order online
Giganet Cat6 UTP Outdoor 305 Meters BlackGiganet Cat 6e UTP Outdoor Giganet16,000Order online
Giganet Cat  SFTP CAT 6aGiganet19,600Order online
Siemon Full copper cat6eSiemon14,500Order online
Siemon cat 6a Full copper SFTPSiemon19,500Order online
HST Full copper SFTP Triple Shielded Outdoor HST12,500Order online
Dahua Full Copper UTP Indoor Dahua12,000Order online


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Learn More about Ethernet Cables  and their specification 

Ethernet cables have applications in data cabling solutions and Networking devices like PCs, Router, switches, and Cameras on a LAN Network.

Ethernet LAN cable comes in different types and features due to the limits in physicality, Speeds of transmission, Quality of the cables according to manufacturer standards, and the distance the cable can carry a signal without losing its signal and power quality.

Various Ethernet cables are used in a Network: Common types you will find in Kenyan Networking shops include Ethernet cable 5e, Ethernet cable Cat 6e, Ethernet cable 6a, and Cat 7 Ethernet cables. The main brands include:

Shop our network Ethernet cables at Tdk  Networking Store, We carry a great selection of Ethernet cables including Cat5e, cat6 network indoor and outdoor UTP/ SFTP  cable The top brands include;  Siemon and Giganet cat6/7 Ethernet cable,  Flat telephone cables,  fiber optic, and bulk SFTP Weather Proof network cables.

Aiming to become the No.1 online Networking store in Nairobi, Tdk Solutions Limited offers the best quality network cable at the cheapest prices.

Get the best internet cable deal in Kenya

Network cables are commonly used to connect network devices that come with network ports that allow two or more PC to be networked.

Backbone and Work area network cabling for ICT Infrastructure;

Network cable is a key pillar in LAN Cabling, they are commonly used with other network equipment such as Data cabinets, Network Panels, cable managers, Patch cords, Network Switches  Routers, and Much more,

In work area networking, LAN Cables run through cable trunking and wire ducts to reach the data points (Network wall faceplates) and Patch cords

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  • Distributing internet and office Networking  Using Data Faceplates
  • Distributing Internet in small office network using plug and play network Switches
  • Networking Using Access points and Wireless Routers

Different categories of Cat 6 Cables

In terms of different categories, the differences between Cat 6 & Cat5e are, the Cat 6 features more stringent specifications for crosstalk and noise cancellation and it has performed.

Different categories of UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cabling were created for better performance in certain applications. As a general rule, the higher the category number, the higher the noise reduction and lower attenuation, and consequently the higher the bandwidth. For example, CAT6 can handle higher data rates at longer distances than CAT5 can.

Cat 6 Network Cabling

Different from Cat 5 network cable, the Cat 6 cable has 4 pairs of copper wire, which enables to double up the speed of the Cat 5 cables.

Cat 5 Network Cabling

Used to be commonly used in the office environment, this type of cable prevent signals interference between each other’s, it has two paid of cooper wire to spend up the Ethernet communication, generally, it has two types, the solid which is better for long-distance and the standard, which is better for shorter range distance.

Fiber option network cabling

Fiber optic cables of cable provide the best performance with the highest speed connection, it minimizes the interference due to its fiber-optic connection with maximum conduit signal usage.

We offer the best 2-core, 4core- 96 core Single-mode and Multimode cables, Other Fiber Optic cabling accessories include

  • Fiber Optic Switch / Router SFP
  • Fiber Optic media converters
  • Fiber Optic trays and ODF

Other solutions that we offer are fiber to Home and Fiber to Business


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