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About Yeastar

Yeastar is a unified communications company headquartered in Xiamen, China, and has the other global office located in Dallas, USA. Besides, we have channel partners scattered around the world to meet the broadest business needs. dedicated to creating and distributing new-generation technologies for the technology sector. Yeastar specializes in the development of IP PBX systems, including Gateways and Fax servers.

Yeastar takes pride in listening to their customers needs in for creating vendor compatible products for long term use. To date Yeastar will work with 3CX, Asterisk, Elastix, and Microsoft Lync, just to name a few. They’ve also expanded greatly into Skype for business. Yeastar is always working to create a better office communication experience for you!

Cost Effective IP PBX and VoIP Office Telephones solution to Revolutionize Your Communication Strategy

Yeater IP PBX Solutions kenya

Easy-first Unified Communications, More in One

Go beyond just a PBX with all communications integrated as one. Yeastar business phone system is available as a cloud, hardware, or software solution to your preference.

Advanced and simplified features – from video conferencing and call forwarding to voicemail to email – all designed to streamline your operations.

Ease to use, and Compatible with major IP Phones Provider

Crystal-Clear Voice Quality: Experience impeccable audio clarity with HD voice, ensuring your conversations are always smooth and professional.

Scalability on Demand: As your business grows, so do your communication needs. Yeastar IP PBX Systems effortlessly scale to accommodate your expanding requirements.

Seamless Remote Collaboration: In today’s dynamic work landscape, remote collaboration is essential. Our systems enable flawless communication whether you’re in the office or working from a remote location.

Total Cost Efficiency: Say goodbye to exorbitant communication bills. Yeastar IP PBX Systems offer cost-effective communication solutions, helping you save while you thrive.

Robust Security Measures: Protect your sensitive business conversations with state-of-the-art security protocols, ensuring your data remains confidential and secure.

Yeastar IP PBX Systems is a popular cutting-edge VoIP Telephone system that empowers your organization with a comprehensive and integrated communication solution that’s tailored to meet your unique needs.

Take advantage of the power of Yeastar IP PBX Systems and propel your organization into a new era of efficiency, collaboration, and growth.

Join countless businesses in Kenya who have already transformed their communication landscape with Yeastar.


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Yeater gatewaysPrice in Kenya

Yeastar VoIP Gateway bridges the gap between FXS, FXO, PRI, BRI, GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, and IP networks to reduce operating costs and deliver the convenience.

Yeater IP PBX Kenya

Go beyond just a PBX with all communications integrated as one. Yeastar business phone system is available as cloud, hardware, or software

Yeaster IP PBX Kenya

Go beyond just a PBX with all communications integrated as one. Yeastar business phone system is available as cloud, hardware, or software

Linkus UC-Unified
Yeaster Linkus

With Linkus UC Clients, work anywhere with integrated voice, messaging, conferencing and more – from virtually any devices. Available using Web browser, Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android

Workplace Yeaster
Yeastar Workplace

The Ultimate Platform to. Manage Your Workplace Like a Pro · Book a Room Whenever You Need One · Enable Flexible Seating and Desk Sharing · Manage Who Is Coming