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We offer fast and reliable IP PBX Phone systems in Kenya from top brands such as Yaestar, Grandstream, Zyco, NEC, Panasonic, Cisco, and much more. Our solutions engineers can also deploy  Custom build asterisks based business solutions as well as cloud PBX Solutions that Will meet your business needs and match your budget

Advantages and Features of using Yeater IP PBX Systems

PBX Features

Using an IP Telephone System serves a business many benefits which include :

  • IVR : enables you to handle more calls even when you have a few staff on board.
  • Voice mail
  • Call Recording
  • Voice mail to E-mail: Keeps you connected to your clients and business partners
  • Mobility Users
  • Call Queue
  • Conference call bridge
  • Telephone CRM Integration: enhances communication in business
  • Remote office connectivity: boosts the productivity of workers.

Modern Internet Protocol (IP) phone systems such as yeatsar offer beyond voice calling. These systems also enable helpful unified communications (UC) features, such as video conferencing from mobile devices, Web conferencing, and voicemail transcription.

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Unlike analog PBX solutions such as Panasonic which required separate networks for voice and data, one of the key advantages of an IP-based telephone system such as yeastar is that it works using converged voice and data networks. That means businesses using an IP solution have internet access, voice calls, and other VoIP communication channels all via a single system, allowing better agility, flexibility, and better opportunities to scale.

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