Wacom Signature Pads

Wacom Signature Pads deliver outstanding reliability and signature clarity in attractive form factors that complement any counter, kiosk, or desk.

Wacom digital pen and ink technologies power user experiences that stay human. Discover reliable and efficient digital document workflows in your industry.

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Wacom electronic pens are also maintenance free. No batteries are needed to power the pen and no wires are required to transmit signals, eliminating two common points of failure. Finally, Wacom signature pads capture a wealth of biometric data that enables accurate electronic signature verification – an important part of a multi-factor authentication policy whenever important documents need to be signed and validated.

Reliable accuracy | Practical performance


Digital consent, records, and patient care with a human touch.

  • Medical Records
  • Medical Imaging
Banking Indurstry Solutions

Legally binding signatures for significant commitments

  • Account opening
  • Verification
Sinature Pads for Retail Oulet Kenya
Retail, Service,

Reliably authentic signature capture for millions of POS contract transactions

  • Credit card purchase
  • Maintenance service
Wacom Business Signature pads kenya
Hospitality & Tourism

Registration and approvals that stay personal.

  • Guest Registration
  • Rental Car Pick-up
Wacom Business Signature pads kenya

Digitizing a wide range of governmental document-heavy processes

  • Government Services
Wacom Business Signature pads kenya

Powering a modern learning experience.

  • Interactive classrooms

The Wacom STU-300 Monochrome Signature Pad is a compact, entry-level signature pad that offers a quality 4″ monochrome display for signature capture.

With its compact and robust design, the STU-300 LCD signature tablet is ideal for professionals who work with documents in mobile areas. Users can quickly and safely sign contracts, authorize payments, and confirm deliveries – all without paper documents. Signatures are captured easily on the LC display with a cordless, battery-free pen

Designed to capture electronic signatures for paperless and secure workflows or payment transactions at the POS- this will boost your work efficiency significantly.

The sensor registers all relevant biometric information about the signature – such as data coordinates and pressure intensity.

Due to the tablet′s features and resolution, it delivers perfect-quality biometric signature data for secure dynamic signature verification applications. Just one USB connection provides power and transfers data to and from the STU-300.