Professional Time attendances systems

Time attendance solutions have wide applications in business processes and institutions such as schools. With time attendance one can have clear time records when employees or students perform tasks  such as reporting and leaving premises

In modern day Time attendance records can be captured using specialised machines Known as Time attendance terminals ; Time attendance machines come with various time record capture methods ,  record Fingerprints, Cards, Input a user password , capture face  and much more.

Biometric Attendance System is a popular form of employee Human resource (HR) service process automation solution institutions also adopt biometric time attendance in schools and colleges to track students lecturer attendance as well as reporting and exiting times in facilities such as libraries 

Tdk  solutions Limited  is one of Kenya’s largest Biometric Attendance system business solutions  provider  in kenya 

We offer a range of innovative Time attendance systems and time clocking machine products for easy managing and tracking large team of workforce employees, such as

  • Fingerprint Biometric Attendance recorder

  • Face recognition attendance system

Time Attendance System in kenya

Features of Biometric Attendance System

Ability of Integration with Door Access System

The Fingerprint authentication and Face identification features of the Biometric time attendance system can also get to be used for the door access control system.
Access controll systems installers in Kenya

Dual Factor Authentication – For Added Security Safeguard

All of Our standard Biometric time attendance systems come equipped with RFID card reader or PIN code Alphanumeric keypad for 2-factor access authentication security features.

2. Reliable Biometrics Credential Authentication

The use of Human Biometric based data is ideal as it is a robust and accurate method of credential to track and record employee identity authentication during the recording of employee Clock IN/ Clock OUT time and OT costing calculation during working hours.
This is because the nature of biometric identification is that it is not transferable between staff end users.
This helps to support and curb illegitimate instances of personnel committing time theft or pay fraud via buddy punching and helps to encourage a practice of time integrity & deter staff from coming to work late.
This helps instill an overall sense of traceability and power in the company.

3. Integration with Payroll management software

Apart from Biometric time attendance solutions, our time tracking systems can be seamlessly integrated with our client’s existing HRMS process via a customized HRMS Payroll management program.
Base on customer’s usage needs, our Biometric Attendance software can either be online or Windows/Mac-based.

Web-based Accessibility

We offer web-based Biometric Attendance product system is easily accessible in real time from anywhere via an internet browser. I
Our Biometric time attendance system is can be best used for Businesses of all scales from small SME to Enterprise level organizations to track payroll and overtime cost.

Swift & Reliable Read Authentication

To guarantee scan reliability with an almost 100% read success, all our biometric fingerprint readers are powered by the latest scanner optical recognition algorithms similar to that used in a road ERP system, which help to false reads.
The time attendance biometric program code is also designed to ensure a quick read to avoid any undesirable wait time by the user
Time Attendance sytems

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