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Surge Protection UPS  and Battery Backup

Surge protection and battery backup some of the important equipment you. The need for your computer is a surge protector. They allow you to plug multiple components into one power outlet. The other function of the surge protector is to protect the devices from electric surges.
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You can save lots of money on electronic replacements and repairs by having clean power. here are options that are available for you.
APC Surge protector in kenya

APC Basic Protection Against Power Surges for Computers and Electronics Surge Protector- 5 outlets

APC Guaranteed Protection Against Power Surge for Home and Office computing  Electronics ( TV screens, Home theatre, Fridges, Microwave, Water Heater, computers, Printers, Copiers, Water dispenser, washing machines and many more)Power Extension- 5 Outlets 
vertiv surge protector

Vertiv 6 Way Surge Protector Power Extension Cable

6 Way Switched Desk Socket Power Strip  A Premium 6-way extension cord in black with a 3m cable that features both quality and safety in all areas. Its casing consists of highly break-proof, polished polycarbonate and provides a convenient connection of data processing/video and audio sets directly with different appliances.
Mercury shop in kenya

Mercury 6 way Surge Protector 6240U

Mercury 6 way extension Surge Protector Protects your sensitive electronic equipment from voltage fluctuations and overvoltages with Mercury Surge Protector
Office Point Surge protection

Office Point 6 Way Power Extension with USB

OfficePoint Power Extension unit, suitable for charging laptops & phones. Sockets switches have individual shutters allowing appliances to be switched off while remaining plugged in.
  • 6 Ways Surge Protector
  • 2 USB Charging ports
  • Individual Shutter
  • 1.8 Meter Power Cord
  • Flame-Retarded PC
 How Surge Protector Works: A simple MOV surge protector with line conditioning and a fuse:A standard surge protector passes the electrical current along from the outlet to a number of electrical and electronic devices plugged into the power strip. If the voltage from the outlet surges or spikes —— rises above the accepted level —— the surge protector diverts the extra electricity into the outlet’s grounding wire.In the most common type of surge protector, a component called a metal oxide varistor, or MOV, diverts the extra voltage. As you can see in the diagram below, a MOV forms a connection between the hot power line and the grounding line.A MOV has three parts: a piece of metal oxide material in the middle, joined to the power and grounding line by two semiconductors.These semiconductors have a variable resistance that is dependent on voltage. When voltage is below a certain level, the electrons in the semiconductors flow in such a way as to create a very high resistance. When the voltage exceeds that level, the electrons behave differently, creating a much lower resistance. When the voltage is correct, a MOV does nothing. When voltage is too high, and MOV can conduct a lot of current to eliminate the extra voltage.As soon as the extra current is diverted into the MOV and to the ground, the voltage in the hotline returns to a normal level, so the MOV’s resistance shoots up again. In this way, the MOV only diverts the surge current, while allowing the standard current to continue powering whatever machines are connected to the surge protector. Metaphorically speaking, the MOV acts like a pressure-sensitive valve that only opens when there is too much pressure.

Battery Backup & Surge Protector for Electronics and Computers

A device that provides power to equipment during the absence of commercial AC with the help of a battery is a known battery backup device. UPS is the poplar battery backup device.UPS:(Uninterruptible Power Supply) A device that provides battery backup when the electrical power fails or drops to an unacceptable voltage level. Small UPS systems provide power
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KSh2,300.00KSh2,800.00 Ex.VAT
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(UPS) & Power Back up

OfficePoint Back-Up UPS 650VA

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(UPS) & Power Back up

UNOMAT 850VA Line interactive UPS

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Surge Protected Extension Cords

Extension Tronic 3mtrs EC 8864-03

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for a few minutes; enough to power down the computer in an orderly manner, while larger systems have enough battery for several hours. In mission-critical data centers, UPS systems are used for just a few minutes until electrical generators take over.UPS systems can be set up to alert file servers to shut down in an orderly manner when an outage has occurred, and the batteries are running out.UPS generally protects a computer against four different power problems:• Voltage Surges and Spikes: Times when the voltage on the line is greater than it should be• Voltage Sags: Times when the voltage on the line is less than it should be• Total Power Failure: Times when a line goes down or a fuse blows somewhere on the grid or in the building.• Frequency Differences: Times when the power is oscillating at something other than specified.As shown in the above fig the main parts of a common (standby) UPS are1. A Voltage Regulator consisting of a Surge Suppressor and a Filter2. An Inverter which is powered by a Battery and3. A Transfer Switch that initiates the shift from the mains to the battery in case of a power failureThe Surge Suppressor and the Filter ensure that when the power is drawn from the mains there are no undue fluctuations or spikes passed to the computer, which can harm it. In the event of power failure, the computer is moved to battery-supplied power by the Transfer switch. The Inverter converts the DC voltage supplied by the battery into AC voltage and ensures that there is a uniform voltage, which is given to the computer.Quick Links on UPS  and Power Supplies