Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX - SMB IP Telphony Solution.

Yeastar S20 PBX is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a dependable and feature-rich VoIP PBX for your small business. Yeaster S20 VoIP PBX from Yeastar is a robust business phone system with many features. It offers a variety of functions to increase productivity and efficiency at work and accommodates up to 20 people.

Easy to use. Powerful in Production
Built for Small Business

Yeastar S20 is a stand-alone PBX system with unrivalled range of features for business with less than 20 users. It’s built to be simple to use and powerful in production.

20 Users

10 Concurrent Calls

Up to 4 FXS/FXO/BRI Ports

Up to 1 GSM/3G/4G Channel

20 VoIP Trunks

IP Phones to use with Yaetar PBX 

With Yeaster S20 and Fanvil IP Phones, you can  have yourself a complete Office Telephony solutions with tons of Enterprise grade communication Features

KSh5,500.00 Ex.VAT
Original price was: KSh7,000.00.Current price is: KSh6,800.00. Ex.VAT

Fanvil Accessories

HT301-U USB Wired Headset

Original price was: KSh4,500.00.Current price is: KSh3,600.00. Ex.VAT

Fanvil Accessories

Fanvil WF20 USB Wi-Fi Dongle

KSh2,500.00 Ex.VAT
KSh14,500.00 Ex.VAT

Fanvil IP Phones

Fanvil X4 IP Phones

KSh9,300.00 Ex.VAT
Original price was: KSh4,500.00.Current price is: KSh4,200.00. Ex.VAT

Fanvil IP Phones

Fanvil H2S Hotel IP Phone

KSh6,200.00 Ex.VAT
Original price was: KSh28,000.00.Current price is: KSh25,600.00. Ex.VAT
KSh43,000.00 Ex.VAT
KSh14,500.00 Ex.VAT
KSh7,000.00 Ex.VAT

Fanvil IP Phones

Fanvil CS30 Speakerphone

KSh28,000.00 Ex.VAT

Fanvil IP Phones

Fanvil X3SP VoIP Phone

KSh6,500.00 Ex.VAT

Fanvil IP Phones

Fanvil H5 Hotel IP Phone

KSh9,500.00 Ex.VAT
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Custom IP Telephony Solutions

We offer different models of telephony products to complement your business communication needs and budget. If you’re looking for Voip Gateway, PBX System,IP Phones, Dect Phones & Session Border Controllers, then we’ve got it covered.

We know that different businesses have diverse needs for telephony products. We have good experience in dozens of Telephone systems and we can suggest the best for a variety of business types. We carry everything small businesses want in a telephone system. If you want a normal PABX SYSTEM or a full-featured IP PBX SYSTEM, We have several solutions for your Business Communication needs. We support you by supplying a business telephone system and trained IT staff to support and maintain it.

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