Siemon Enterprise LAN Solutions- Business Networking

Siemon cabling Solutions for Business

Siemon Cat6 copper cabling systems for, LAN backbone structured Cabling and Work Area Cabling


Complete Cabling Solutions for ICT Solutions

Application of Networking cables in Kenya



Siemon Offers quality Networking products for Business LAN Cabling solutions with wide are applications The Siemon Company is the leading manufacturer in the world to deliver to market a full system, whose components, including connection hardware, excel all performance parameters of the category 6 specifications under development by TIA/EIA and ISO/IEC.

Siemon Cat6 cabling solutions for Business


Back Bone cabling that involves setting up of Enterprise Server rooms, Institutions LAN Infrastructure, Small to medium business IT Rooms Data, Rack Cabinets and Much more.

Some of the Back Bone cabling Siemon products include; data cabinets and server racks, Cat6, Cat6A, and Cat7 UTP and STP Cables, Patch Panels, Cable Manager, and Patch Cords.

Siemon cat6 cable
Siemon cables store in kenya
Siemon Patch Cords
Siemon Cat6A, Cat6e Patch Cords


Siemon Faceplates
Siemon Faceplates
Patch panels store in Kenya
Siemon Patch panels


Siemon Work area cabling solutions that involve the distribution of Networks using Lan Cable, Patch cords, and Faceplates

Most Reliable and preferred cabling Solution

The Siemon Cabling System offers a reliable choice that will give your business many years of quality services. Siemon cabling solutions can support any voice, imaging, or data application that an end-user chooses.


Siemon Cabling solutions

Siemon Fiber Optic Products

The Siemon Company’s fiber optic product line continues to grow and now includes innovative products such as the Light Ways Fiber Duct System, new wall-mount and rack-mount enclosures, and the Light Speed Termination Kit offering complete fiber terminations in less than two minutes.\

Tdk solutions a leading Siemon dealer and Structured Cabling company in Kenya

TDK’s core service is the installation of structured cabling for IT and telephone systems in business environments.

We deal in a wide Projects that can range from a small number of network points within a single office to cabling entire buildings and include the installation of CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, and multimode Fiber Optic Cable.

Structured Cabling Services for Enterprises

Patch panels store in kenya
Patch panels

ICT is a key component in businesses nowadays hence nearly every building requires a structured cabling system installed these days.  Structured cabling systems involves the use of cabling management infrastructure such as Cable trays, Metallic Trunking, Vertical Cable ducts, IT Rooms constructions

Structured cabling provides the required connectivity for all IT networking and Phone and voice systems and many building services functions such as CCTV, alarm systems, and other building management And access control systems, and Much more

Whether your requirement is for UTP, STP, Blown Fibre or Cat5e, Cat6/A or Cat7/A CABLING HUB will be pleased to survey and define your requirement and provide a proposal.




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