Mifi hotspot – An overview

MiFi Devices in kenya

A MiFi hotspot or a mobile hotspot is a portable, pocket-size device that can be used to the access internet on a variety of devices while you’re on the go. The devices supported by MiFi hotspots are smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-book readers, portable gaming devices, mp3 players, and more. Their functionality is the same as the functionality of Wi-Fi modems.

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However, they rely on cellular data to provide 3G or 4G internet access. Wifi hotspots, also known as Wi-Fi hotspots, portable hotspots, and mobile hotspots can be used to access the internet on multiple devices.

MiFi Devices and GSM  Wireless Internet  Routers compatible with All Kenya’s top telecommunications service providers;  for use with Safaricom, Airtel, Faiba and Telkom, and Broadband Data plans.

MiFi hotspots, also known as Wi-Fi hotspots, portable hotspots, and mobile hotspots can be used to access the internet on multiple devices.

Examples of MiFi hotspots

These days, there are several types of MiFi hotspots in the Kenyan market. Some are tiny, portable devices that are supported by different Telkom Companies in Kenya namely; Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom, and Faiba 4G, carriers that broadcast 3G signals or 4G signals, while others smartphone mobile hotspots. Some MiFi hotspots are also plug-and-play devices, also known as Wi-Fi dongles.

MiFi hotspots or mobile hotspots allow users to easily connect to multiple iPhones, iPods, PCs, and many other devices. They are much easier to operate than USB dongles or smartphone mobile hotspots and do not require any software support.

MiFi For sale in Nairobi KenyaWhile smartphone mobile hotspots can also be used to access the internet while you’re traveling, they are not as fast as MiFi hotspots. Smartphone-based mobile hotspots are not as reliable and fast as MiFi hotspots.

Advantages of MiFi hotspots

Being able to access the internet and work anywhere has its own perks. Moreover, since MiFi hotspots can connect with multiple devices, they’re more useful than the other on-the-go internet solutions.





Many users identify the most significant advantage of MiFi hotspot as a dedicated connection for their devices no matter where they go. Depending on your internet usage and the place you’re traveling, you may need to pick a MiFi hotspot service that is suitable for you based on your requirements. Research shows that 60% of people can’t go without Wi-Fi for more than a day.

Let’s quickly look at some advantages of a MiFi hotspot:

  • Avoiding the use of cellphone data
  • Saving your cellphone’s battery
  • Safely tethering to more than one device
  • Working for extended periods without losing the internet connection
  • Using your cellphone while the MiFi hotspot is allowing you to access the internet on your laptop

Limitations of MiFi hotspots

The only limitation of MiFi hotspots is that the speed of the internet connection depends on the cellular data signal strength. Also, when multiple devices use the same MiFi hotspot, the internet speed can reduce. Portable hotspots such as MiFi hotspots require power to operate. Depending on the number of devices you’ve connected and the overall usage, the battery may get drained rapidly.

The most sought-after MiFi hotspot for travelers

If you’re a frequent traveler, you definitely need a MiFi hotspot to keep you connected to the internet to communicate or keep your business running

  • Huawei Universal MiFi
  • Alcatel MiFi
  • Tecno MiFi
  • Tp-Link MiFi
  • Olax

Huawei is a portable Pocket WiFi that allows you to access the internet while you’re traveling abroad. It is a rental pocket-size Wi-Fi device that can be used anytime, anywhere, even in the most remote locations. You can access the internet globally and share the access with your friends.

Imagine, you’re in the mountains, having a great time with your friends, and suddenly the call of duty strikes. What will you do in such a situation? This is where the importance of My Web spot MiFi hotspot comes into the picture.