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Installation of Office, Business, Warehouse CCTV Monitoring Systems

Whether you’re looking for a traditional CCTV security system installation or hoping to benefit from IP technology allowing you to view the security of your premises over the internet, Tdk Solutions Limited can provide the support that you need.

If you have traditional analog technology for your indoor or outdoor property surveillance but need to install new infrastructure and don’t want to move to IP yet we can install an IP-ready cable infrastructure so you can move to IP by just changing out the equipment.

Top Benefits of Installing CCTV Security System

Tdk Solutions Limited will design a security system for you or work to your own specification taking into consideration not just the technical requirement but also where and how will the security system be monitored.

At Tdk we  will design the best technique for CCTV Installation / Security Camera System to meet your objectives, such as;

  • Providing a deterrent to crime and or vandalism

  • 24-hour video monitoring support of all the designated areas

  • Detecting intruders around the perimeter of the main building and alert the security guards

  • Access to a permanent record of activity from all installed CCTV cameras

  • Vehicle identification and monitoring

  • Identifying callers by installing the intercom system at the main entrance

If you wish for prompt security and strategic installation of CCTV cameras, we will help you in that aspect too. The all-encompassing installation will help you detect any crime or misdemeanor. You can track any trespassing and monitor pivotal sections of your enterprise. A well-structured CCTV setup also helps in the identification of people and even their vehicles.

Tdk Solutions Limited will design, manage project, install and support the whole security system including Cameras, Monitors, Recording Equipment, CCTV Cabling, Multiplexers, and Console Units. The combination of skilled CCTV engineers and experienced IP Networking Designers makes Tdk Solutions Limited uniquely positioned to help you in your transition from traditional analog solutions to Digital IP CCTV solutions

CCTV Installation for  Institutions

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