Customized Galvanized Cable trays

Highly customizable Galvanized Perforated Cable Management Trays for your building and cable management needs.

We offer standard and budget-friendly cable trays and Accessories system that comes in four different widths and Thickness


Tdk Solutions Limited Offers cable trays are ideal for these situations. The Perforated Cable trays are designed to meet the demands of most; industrial environments Malls, Schools, Supermarkets, Hospitals where cables need to be organized, routed, and protected to ensure optimal performance and safety.

We offer custom thicknesses and Widths as well as Accessories to ensure smooth cable tray accessories

Cable trays are ideal for the use of heavy machinery, high-voltage power, and sensitive electronic equipment making cable management a critical component of a successful operation.

Metal cable trunking or perforated cable tray  is a more reliable, less expensive solution for supporting and protecting cables. Handling, lifting anf fitting operations are inherently safer, easier and quicker.

In the development of our cable trunking systems we always opt for high-quality metals in combination with a well-thought-out system consisting of various accessory fittings, useful accessories and coordinated fastenings. This guarantees you a high level of flexibility and efficiency in the design of your individual trunking layout – and of course maximum protection for your cable installation. Thanks to the specific strengths of each different cable trunking system, we can offer you the perfect solution for your cable routing, regardless of whether you need to route a large number of cables over long distances, a small number of cables in limited installation space or cables for hygienic applications.

Perforated Cable tray installations

Standard Galvanized  Cable Trays come in the following standard dimensions with Custom variation in Width and Heigh and Thickness 

50 x 25 x 2440 (2x1x96)

50 x 50 x 2440 (2x2x96)

100 x 25 x 2440 (4x1x96)

100 x 50 x 2440 (4x2x96)

150 x 25 x 2440 (6x1x96)

150 x 50 x 2440 (6x2x96)

200 x 25 x 2440 (8x1x96)

200 x 50 x 2440 (8x2x96)

250 x 25 x 2440 (10x1x96)

250 x 50 x 2440 (10x2x96)

300 x 25 x 2440 (12x1x96)

300 x 50 x 2440 (12x2x96)

400 x 25 x 2440 (16x1x96)

400 x 50 x 2440 (16x2x96)

Cable trays Acessories

Cable Tray Accesories for sale in kenya

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