Fiber Optics Cabling and Installation Services in Kenya

Fiber optics installation services in kenyaTdk Solutions Limited is your one-stop destination for all types of Networking Cabling and optical fiber services in Kenya and The greater East Africa region Please see our services below and contact us about your upcoming job or project.Whether you need Copper  Data Network Cabling or need Fiber Optic Splicing Services or change your network to Fiber Optic connectivity at your business premises, contact us for a free quote.We have Our experienced Cabling installers will visit the site, assess the requirements, and send you a quote for approval. All jobs are completed by technicians who are experienced and certified. We assure you of quality work and 100% satisfaction.
Quality Fiber Optics installation and Set up supplies in Kenya 
Tdk Offers quality Fiber Optics products for your projects; from large quantities and a variety of
  • custom-cut fiber optic cable (including loose tube, ADSS, Armored, etc),
  • Corning fiber optics-based products, and
  • wide selection of fiber optic accessories, splitters, jumpers, pigtails, and media converters designed to meet the demanding requirements of data, video, and voice networks.

Fiber Optic Cabling Services

We cover all of Nairobi, Kenya, and East Africa.  When it comes to installation and designing of Fiber Optic Cabling. Connectivity through Fiber Cabling is getting more and more popular as Fiber has better data bandwidth as compared to copper cabling.If you are looking to get top performance out of Network Cabling, go for Fiber Cabling. We do all types of Fiber optic Termination and OTDR testing. Whether multi-mode fiber or single-mode fiber installation, outdoor or indoor, we have experience with a number of sites all across the GTA.
At present, the fiber optic cable is widely used in network and telecommunications installations along with the need for transmission media that have large speed and bandwidth capacity.Each telecommunications operator continues to develop optical cables for backbone networks both within the capital, to connect devices in other major cities, and also stretches through the sea.Until now, fiber optic networks are one of the best and most reliable media for you to use as the main foundation in your data network.Our Scope of Fiber Optics Installation;


we do the installation in a structured way that refers to the standardization of the cabling system that is good and right.


is an optical signal delivery format from the center of the provider to the user’s residential are


building new fiber-optic facilities and supporting equipment with services to be provided and referring to distances

Other Networking and Services offered by TDK Solutions Limited

  • Implementation of customized structured cabling & networking solutions
  • LAN room/ server room installation
  • Data-Center management services
  • Cat5e 5e/6/6A cabling
  • Cable management
  • Patch-panel termination
  • Wireless Access Point Installment
  • Cable removal
  • Network Enclosures like Network Racks, Cabinets
  • J-hook/ cable tray installation

Fiber Optics

  • Fiber Installation/ Fiber Optics Cabling
  • Fiber Terminations
  • Fusion splicing
  • Fiber maintenance
  • Single mode/ Multimode
  • Different multiple strands
  • Armored/ unarmored fiber cable
  • Fiber patch cable
  • 24/7 after-installation service

Telecommunication Services

  • Install telephone equipment and cabling
  • Test and fix faults in existing lines
  • Replace obsolete telephone system