Electronics & Gadgets

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KSh23,000.00 KSh21,000.00 Ex.VAT

Cables & Adapters

3M Cat6E Ethernet Patchcode

KSh500.00 Ex.VAT

Cables & Adapters

2M Cat6E Ethernet Patchcode

KSh350.00 Ex.VAT
KSh6,000.00 KSh5,500.00 Ex.VAT
KSh1,200.00 KSh900.00 Ex.VAT

Computers Accessories

USB to RS232 Converter Cable

KSh1,200.00 Ex.VAT

Computers Accessories

UCOM Single Shock PC Game-pad

KSh500.00 Ex.VAT
KSh32,000.00 KSh30,000.00 Ex.VAT
KSh20,000.00 KSh19,000.00 Ex.VAT

Televisions & Sound Systems

VISION Plus 24 inch Digital HD TV VP8824D

KSh16,000.00 KSh14,999.00 Ex.VAT